Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saying "lady friends" makes me giggle


Another year has passed, and like clockwork, my birthday rolled around again.  I don't usually go out of my way to celebrate it, because it's so close to the holidays that I'm all celebrated-out by then.  But this year... no.  This is the year of EPIC, so I rounded up my girls and we went for drinks last Sunday night.

First, I'm crazy lucky to have such awesome friends - every single one of them came out, and we laughed our asses off all evening.  It was a great time.

Second, they all agreed to go along with my (ahem) story about my current age.  I figure 29 has really been working for me, so why change things up now?  Right?

I'm trusting you guys not to rat me out.

Love Shelley!

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  1. 29, eh? I ain't sayin' anything. My lips they are sealed.


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