Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mean-Yelly-Mom, That's Me!

I started and finished this page all in one day, which is unusual for me.  Usually I have several pages going at once, and I jump back and forth, letting stuff dry and ideas evolve as I work.  Otherwise I would totally lose my momentum and I would never finish anything. 

Anyway, today this page almost did itself, it came together that easily.  I started off by gluing down some paper bits on the plain page, including a piece of paper in a strange language, a piece of a calendar, an EKG, and some washi tape.  Then I painted the whole page with watercolour paint, and stamped on those nice lines in grey staz-on (I thought black would be too stark.)  Next I cut out some hearts from those dictionary sheets I made the other day, and then lined them in black marker and stapled them on. 

In pencil, I wrote a whole page of thoughts, then stamped the words over top in black staz-on ink, and then it took a few tries to figure out what colour they should be.  After a few false starts (white? no.  yellow? Really no.) I settled on red, coloured them in, and shaded beside them with a charcoal pencil to make them pop off the page. 

And really, that's about it.  There were no fancy techniques on this page, just a quick, easy brain dump.  I was very frustrated this morning because of a sleepover gone bad (five kids, hardly any sleep) and to be honest, I was hiding in the craft room and supervising from a distance because I just wasn't good company and I didn't want to be mean-yelly-mom all day.  I'm sure if-I-didn't-see-it-it-didn't-happen mom is way better, right?

I have a couple of other pages on the go, but I have been asked to paint a sandwich board sign for a church dinner theatre production, so that's what I'll be working on for the next few days.  I'll post progress pics, and in between maybe I'll get a chance to finish one or two of those other journal pages too!  (OR I'll watch all the episodes of Modern Family that I've been saving up since December.  Depends on how creative I feel.)  I guess we'll find out together. 

Have a great week,
Love Shelley!


  1. i love everything about this!

    good luck on the sandwich board!

  2. love, love LOVE this!! we must be channeling each other with vertical rows of hearts......i did a journal page yesterday using them too!! now go get some sleep, deserve it!! hee hee xox, ;))

  3. Awesome!!! Sometimes the simplest pages are the most emotionals!!
    I love it!!
    Kisses from Spain!!

  4. glad your back in action... just figured this out!

  5. It's gorgeous! The color is so rich and fabulous! And I'm delighted that you're a part of Art Journal Every Day!

  6. Love your journal pages. The colors are so bright and wonderful. I just found you. (via flickr) And am now a follower.


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