Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Which I Reveal My Dark Side

Taking a risk here:

I debated a lot before I decided to post this one.  It's not because of the gratuitous use of the f-word... it's probably because I was really seriously pissed off when I did this page and I know that the emotion comes through loud and clear. 

And I've spent years and years trying to keep people from being able to see what I'm really thinking.  I'm like the emotion ninja - no matter what's going on in my head, I can usually paste a pleasant smile on my face and carry on like nothing's wrong.

And now here I go just putting it right out there. 

Hope I don't regret this.

Love Shelley


  1. I like it!
    Can I just copy that and put it in MY journal? LOL!

  2. can u send this to my boss.....

  3. Everybody's got to have an 'I'm in a pissy mood' journal page. I just did one recently. By the way, I like it.

  4. I'm really thankful that you posted this one and the one about having a wretched day. Honestly, I needed this right now - I've been having the same experiences...You have given me inspiration. I love that you curse on your pages and I'm petrified to do so. Thank you for being real. :)


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