Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Am A Big Chicken Sometimes

Here's the danger in looking at someone else's art journal pages: 

Sometimes you find out more about that person than you really wanted to know.  (That's what they call foreshadowing.)

ANYWAY.  I started off this page by gluing down this cool rooster I found, along with the big hand from a completely different source.  I had no idea where I was going with this, but I was sure it would be interesting and fun.  (Because aren't all my pages?  Ha.)

So it sat for ... well, a couple of months, to tell you the truth.  Then I realized that a CHICKEN could symbolize my FEARS!  I know, that's pretty deep.  The stuffing pun goes out to my brother John.  He loves jokes like that.

I know some of these fears are perfectly justifiable, but a couple are just plain goofy.  I love fast zippy rides, but the ferris wheel makes me light-headed with fear for some reason, even the kid-sized one at Tinkertown.  And I know airbags have saved countless lives, but all I can ever think of is how if mine ever deployed, it would jam my glasses right into my face - ow.  I have a recurring mental picture of accidentally lightly rear-ending someone, and the airbag blowing up, and then me jumping out of the car and weaving around in traffic like a drunk, clutching my face and screaming, "my eyes, my eyes!!"  In my imagination I'm actually pretty dramatic, hey?

As for high school reunions... well, I still have plenty of anxiety dreams about forgotten exams, locker combinations, class schedules and PANTS, that I'm in no rush to revisit those days.

Sorry if I put any negative thoughts in your head.  I'll try to be more positive next time!

Love Shelley!


  1. Okay, I completely understand the airbag ... as a person who is vertically challenged (only 5" tall) (with thick soled shoes on)... I once saw a demonstration of what an airbag would do to the head of a person 5" tall. Remove it. Yeah.
    I so really don't like airbags.
    GREAT images though! Love the page!

  2. I love this page! And don't you love when a previous made page becomes the perfect place to receive our thoughts.

    I sit with my feet propped on the dashboard (when not driving) sometimes and fear knees jammed in my chest or face if the airbag goes off...but still do it.

  3. Re...move it?? (gulp)

    Maybe my fears aren't so crazy!!

  4. I LOVE IT!!! I have many of the same fears. Who knew?!!

  5. It may have taken some time, but that page came together perfectly!!

  6. It's me again! Just wanted you to know I shared this link on Julie's blog today. She asked us to share an awesome art journal page.


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