Saturday, July 18, 2015

< slightly evil laugh >

My kids are away at camp, so I took the opportunity to re-vamp the chalkboard that's painted on the side of our pantry cupboard.  We haven't used it in... oh, a while, if I can judge by the "31 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS" that I wiped off of it yesterday.  Prior to using it as a countdown calendar, I had been using it to write down the kids' chores for them every day.

They didn't like that.

Recently, they have decided that they are old enough, nay, MATURE enough, that they should be allowed to simply look around their environment and clean up anything that they deem necessary.  Why should I treat them like children and dictate their actions by giving them a list?  Tsk.

I like this idea in theory.  It shows initiative.  It shows responsibility.  It shows how much of a sucker I am for falling for it.  I probably don't have to tell you how much it did not work.  Between the sibling bickering and the wide-eyed lying about what chores were not obvious enough to have captured their attention (food wrappers on the couch apparently being invisible to the naked eye), it's resulted in more frustration for me and waaaaaay less cleaning for them.

Oh, also there was a sale at Michael's and I bought some chalkboard markers.  Wanted to try them out.  Result: I like 'em.

I'll be honest, I sort of slapped this together, I didn't make sketches or do much planning.  That's why the lines are wiggly and the letters aren't all straight, but you know what... it was fun.  Also, it washes off, so I didn't feel like I was too committed.  Seriously, FUN.  You should try it.

Since they're going to show up dirty and tired, I only gave them one chore - THIS TIME.  YOUR job is to not tell them the paint washes off, because otherwise that's how the mutiny will start.  All I know is, chores have to be listed, otherwise they don't get done.  Also, if your children are perfect angels and do their chores without parental haranguing, well, just keep it to yourself, mmkay?  Thanks.


Friday, July 3, 2015

I'll just put this in the corner.

The Royal Aviation Museum in Winnipeg approached local art groups late last year to request assistance with their fundraising event, "Airborne Art".  

Now, I don't belong to a local art group.  But I weaselled my way in anyway.  

The deal was, you get to snoop through their back room full of spare old airplane parts, take home something that you think you could turn into a valuable piece of art, then bring it back to the museum in time for their big week this summer.  They have two visiting aircraft - a B-17 and a B-25 WWII bomber - that you can climb up inside.  Apparently they are expecting upward of 10,000 visitors for this particular exhibit, which is a mind-boggling number of people that may be walking past a piece of art that I created.  See how I managed to bring it all around back to me?  It's a gift, really.

Yes, the grass needs cutting.

I got there last, so I didn't get the coolest stuff.  BUT I GOT THIS AMAZING AIRPLANE WING!!! I was pretty excited about it, until I remembered that 10,000 people were going to be looking at it.  Gulp.  Then I totally choked, and it sat in my living room for the next three months.  Accusingly.

I finally stopped procrastinating and got down to business.

After I'd finished it, I reflected that if I was to start over, I would do it completely differently.  But then I shrugged and went to deliver it.  Too late for regrets, bitches!

I have to admit, the colours absolutely thrill me.  I spent an obscene amount of time staring at the finished product, trying to memorize the different combinations and drips.  YUM.

The museum also let me have a bunch of 1950s and 1960s aviation maps to use, and you can see a lot of that detail beneath the paint.

From my own stash I added some airmail-themed goodies.

Finally, when I was only two weeks late, I drove off to the museum to deliver my objet d'art.  When I got there, they were already assembling all the other works into categories, so I got to see the other artists' work.

I had an epiphany.

I need to join an art group.

Seriously, these people brought ART.  Like, something you would put in an exhibit, or a gallery, or... or... or... a MUSEUM.  Ohmygah.  Yeah.  I felt totally outclassed.  Wait, not at all in a "please feel sorry for me" way or a "please compliment my art because I'm feeling desperately needy" but more in an "I HAVE TO STEP UP MY GAME" way.  Because seeing those other artists' pieces seriously opened my eyes.  I've been doodling along, dabbling here and there, and never really getting serious about improving.  

I love their beat-up, time-worn signs...
So.  The museum may not make a bundle off of my donation, but I certainly got more than I bargained for.  I'm going to make a more concerted effort to grow in my art.  This may go really well, or it may be an unmitigated disaster.  But if you want to come along for the ride, I'll at least try to make it entertaining.

Stay tuned.