Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is one of my favourite recent pages.  I don't think the colours are exactly true on this picture but at least you get the idea.  It's a pretty bright and fun page!  Lots of watercolour crayon, and of course alphabet stamps.  Where would I be without my alphabet stamps?  I'D BE SAD AND LOST, THAT'S WHERE.

The quote is about not announcing your plans to the world.  I think that for some plans, it's great to spread the word, because you get help and support from the most unexpected places.  But sometimes, things happen much more easily if you just go ahead and make something happen instead of talking it to death first. 

By the way, I hope you don't come here looking for me to say something intelligent.  HA!

Anyway, that's all for today.  I'm off to Minneapolis tomorrow for the weekend and hopefully I'll have some good road trip stories to share when I get back.  I'm going down with a toothbrush and a pocketful of bail money.  What could possibly go wrong??

See ya Monday!
Love Shelley


  1. hi shelley!!! this is FAN-TAS-TIC!!! you've definitely got some magic working on this page (actually, i think it's just your journal-genius hard at work!)! it looks like you've been treating yourself to some major cookie therapy.....bravo, girl!! have a great trip this weekend!! xox, :))

  2. OMG, I need to see this in person, RIGHT NOW.... i love it!


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