Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cookie Therapy

I was recently given a piece of really good advice in the form of a quote:

"We each have two cookie jars inside of us. One is for ourselves and the other is for all the people around us. We have learned to fill the cookie jar for the others and we bake a lot of cookies for this cookie jar. We have been trained not to bake cookies for our own cookie jar and we have also been trained to not even think about doing this for ourselves. Somehow, if we keep on baking cookies for others, our cookie jar will have cookies in it. Supposedly, others will be baking for us and everyone will be happy. But in reality it does not seem to work this way. Our cookie jar is usually empty and if someone does put cookies in it, they are never exactly the kind that we want at that time. No wonder that we start to feel deprived and resentful and angry as we watch others eating the cookies that we have baked. The paradox is so simple: fill your own cookie jar first with exactly what you want and let the overflow go to the other cookie jars. Keep your cookie jar full. Teach your family members to fill their own cookie jars first.” (Susanna McMahon)

I had this page started in one of my art journals, where I had tried out some copper paint and just basically played with some colours and made a mess.  So I came back to it to do this page - and where I tried another experiment on the bottom right corner and it bombed, I just stamped that number stamp over top to hide it.  Nobody was more surprised than me when it actually seemed to balance out the page!  Another happy mistake... I love those.

This is making me hungry for cookies!!!  Maybe I'll bake tonight.  I love baking cookies from scratch but right now I'm thinking of Pillsbury rolls of cookie dough and it's making my mouth water.  What's your favourite kind of cookie?

Love Shelley!


  1. That is an awesome page. :)

    My favorite cookie is chocolate chip, not that I'd turn down any other kind. ;)

  2. what happens when you just keep eating all of the cookies?

  3. What a great analogy!! I love it!!

  4. great quote! And i totally know what you mean about mistakes often making the page better ;)


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