Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Personal Growth - No, Really

A few weeks ago I was at an annual conference that I like to go to because I ALWAYS win a really good door prize, and also they serve grown-up dainty food like wee bits of toast with salmon and goat cheese and I get to pretend to be fancy for a couple of hours.  

Anyway, this year's speaker was a local woman named Stephanie Staples and honestly, she was one of the best speakers I've seen.  Maybe because she seems so refreshingly normal - she shared stories of goofy things she'd done, which made me admire her unself-consciousness, and was very encouraging, with lots of practical ideas.  She seems like the kind of person you could drop in on for coffee in your pajamas.  Anyway, one of the best things things I learned was this:

This explains A LOT.  It's not that it's BAD - this is probably the quality that lets me strike up conversations with strangers in public washrooms, and long lineups, and elevators.  And put all my ridiculous ramblings up here without really giving much consideration to my own public speaking career... HAHA!  Just joking.  Really though, the less I care what other people think, the more satisfying my life becomes. 

Aaaaaaaand, that was probably my last heavy thought for the week, hope you enjoyed it! 

Love Shelley!

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  1. when are we having coffee in our pj's? i know, grab all your works of art, and come over right now... kay go now!


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