Thursday, April 16, 2009


This card is for a 65th wedding anniversary. I looked it up to see if there were any specific gifts, flowers, or colours for that, but no - only for the 60th and 70th, nothing in between! Can you imagine?? You make it to 65 years but that's not special enough to get its own prescribed gift? NOPE, you have to wait until 70 now. Sounds pretty dicey to me.

Anyway. I thought the silver paper was a nice elegant touch, but I didn't want the card to be too stuffy-looking, so I put a couple of buttons in the middle of the flower. Personally, I figure that to get through 65 years of marriage, you probably have to have at least some sense of humour and/or whimsy. Right?

I decided to try taking my pictures in the bathroom to see if the different light would make any difference. (There are no fewer than ELEVEN bulbs in that room - you could perform SURGERY in there.) But alas, the pictures are still total crap. The flower on the card is actually a nice deep red, not the cheap-looking orange you see here.

And there's the inside! Predictable message, but you work with what you have. I echoed the black cardstock and foil paper on the inside - I think it makes it a lot fancier; not only that but the extra layers make the card a lot heavier and now it just screams "quality."
Even if I did take the pictures in the john.


  1. Hi !! Thanks for visiting and I hope that Mr. number picker picks you!!

  2. Your card is beautiful in the photos even if it is not the true colors.
    Good job, indeed!


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