Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's get down to business here.

We only have a week and a half till Mother's Day - probably one of the biggest card-giving events of the entire year!

You'd think that knowing that, I might have gotten started on this a little earlier, but noooooo. It snuck up on me again. RATS!

Anyway, I'm in full production mode now. I really DO work well under pressure! Here's today's card:

I absolutely LOVE those puffy sticker letters! I have to figure out where to get my hands on more of those.

Here's the inside:

I don't think I've totally mastered the inside of my cards yet but I'm working on it. It's good to have goals, right?

What I'm getting at is that you'll be seeing a LOT more cards in the next week for Mother's Day. I have several orders already; and I know there will be last-minute requests as well. I'm going to keep on trucking here. In the meantime, if you see one that you simply must have, let me know!

Gotta go; must plot the next card.

Love Shelley!

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