Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Journal page AND mail art!!

So here's the second page, all fluffy and cheerful.  (Wait till you see the cover, yikes.Not fluffy, not cheerful.  May still need some work.  I'll let you express your opinion once I get it up on here!) 

Please note that I kept the language clean.  Instead of "buttload" I really wanted to say "metric shit-ton" but sadly my kid can now read.  Which is kind of a bummer when I'm trying to EXPRESS MYSELF! 

And here is a piece of mail that I made for Ginny at Small Studio:

We don't know each other; I just absolutely adore her blog, so when she put out a call for decorated envelopes, I was all over that.  Of course, I second-guessed myself all the way to the mailbox, but hey, maybe this will lead to a beautiful lifetime of correspondence and I'll get more chances to make pretty stuff for her.  The end.

Yes, welcome to the non-stop dialogue in my head.  How do you like it so far?  : )

I hope you're all having a magnificent day!

Love Shelley!

PS: The art journal is hand-lettered; the mail is stamped and then doodled on.


  1. I love it Shelley! The last page was cool too. I got here from BAJ and just read your whole blog. I also did some Teesha pages and I am from ON so I recognized that Timmy's bag!

    I also sent an envelope to Ginny too!


  2. Yes! Nothing can top mail art surprises! I was lucky to get a big envelope in the mail today from Kelly in Canada! Love your page and envelope!

  3. Shelley, these are all fab! I love the Teesha-style and yours are terrific (I am giving that a go myself!). Your mail art will be a thrill for Ginny to receive. I am having my students do mail art projects, at school, currently. They LOVE it! They can't wait to mail it off.

  4. Your pages are gorgeous and OMG you are a funny woman! I LOVE your writing style. As a matter of fact I think I just finished a book written by you, HAHA. I'm following you now. Be paranoid.

  5. I so love reading your blog Shelley! the way you write!!! I can't decide whether I like the journal page or the envelope so I'm just gonna say...I wanna be like you when I grow up!!!! Great colours you've chosen too!

  6. your journal page totally made me smile!! and i think that ginny's mailbox (and ginny!) will be SO happy to receive this fabulous envelope!! :))

  7. Love you page and the mail art! Beautiful colors! I would love to get something like that in the mail!!

  8. Great page. Being somewhat of a prude I was a bit surprised at butt-load but it's YOUR journal. You only have to keep in mind what your daughter thinks if she gets the privilege of looking at it. Your decorated words came out great. I love the whole thing (okay maybe not a couple of words but all the rest, lol).


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