Thursday, November 19, 2009

The cover... so far.

So.  Even with a pretty pink hat, everybody that I've shown this to thinks that this chick is downright creepy.  I found the skull (and all the extra arm and leg bones) in a National Geographic magazine in a story about an archeological dig site.  But I think the red shoes, purse and cocktail sort of bring it all together, don't  you?  I am a good accessorizer.  Yes, that is too a word.

Anyway, everyone so far has been pretty repulsed by this one.  I may have to change it to something a little more... socially acceptable.  I did have one brainwave: LIPSTICK!  But oh yeah, she has no lips. 

Now what?  I can't decide whether to make her even more disturbing by painting on some bright red lipstick like old ladies do, completely disregarding the actual shape of their lips; or if I should just ditch the skull and put in a regular lady head instead.  Suggestions?

Oh hey, and while you're telling me what to do, what about the background?  Leave it as is, or add white swirlies and stuff?  Or something completely different? 

HELP!  I'll wait here.

Love Shelley!


  1. I must first admit I don't understand the skull thing. I've seen lots of them though as they are quite popular. As far as creepy, I think yours is one of the best I've seen. At least SHE has some personality! I would not change her. You liked her and it doesn't matter if anyone else understands or likes her. I think you've designed a great page. Enjoy your work and PLEASE don't listen to your critics unless they are offering something besides "creepy".

    As far as the background goes, I don't know what your white swirlies would look like or if they are needed. At this point you could go with more but it's fine as it is too. Why don't you just look at her for a day or two and see if you still want to add something. My sister takes a piece of thin, stiff, clear plastic and lays it over her work and tries out things like your swirlies on that. If she likes it she goes ahead and adds them ot the piece and if not, she wipes her plastic clean and hasn't wrecked her piece. Good luck and enjoy your work. Like I said, she sure has personality!

  2. I'm agree with freebird. Don't change a thing unless it is what YOU want. Stick with your idea! I think she's fabulous and the page is very pulled together. We all look like that under our skin whether we like it or not. Great, great work and idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have a question. What were your thoughts when you added the skull? Personally, I don't care for a lot of the skulls and cross-bones stuff that has gained so much popularity of late (this is no surprise to you, right?; ), but I think there is something very poignant about this gal and what to do depends on what you intended or now intend. Is she about that bit of "creepy" which lies beneath all the pretty, made-up faces we see in the world? Or, perhaps, some of the dark thoughts we all must "face" up to at one time or another? (pun intended) Or, did it just amuse you when you saw this skull in the magazine and considered it on an otherwise very dolled-up lady? I think some of the disproportionate size of that skull makes it a little hard to look at, but it's still your baby. I admit that it's very different from some of your beautious images and artwork, but she may very well have her place. As for the white swirlies, I don't know, but I do find her dress seems to fade into the black of the background so that it's hard to make out everything until you look with more care. Then, again, maybe that's the point. It's your work, have it as you wish, and enjoy!

  4. I like her! You could always make her more feminine by adding pink cheeks. Maybe the red lips would be too much. Another idea would be to add some lovely swirly feminine hair?!

  5. Oh shes not creepy Shes awesome!!! I don't know if I would change anything! Maybe text,,,I don't know. But it is awesome!!! xoxo

  6. As a lover of anything creepy I have to admit REALLY liking this! IF I were to add anything to it I would have to say a couple little white skulls instead of swirlies BUT I do agree with everyone else, you should only do what speaks to you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi and oh, I really didn't figure out the hamsters...yet.

  7. LOL!! I really like it!!....not that one would expect that from me!!


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