Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a copycat, and I'm okay with that.

So yeah, I'm sure I'm the last one on the Teesha bandwagon, but now that she's posted all of the COOLEST. VIDEOS. EVER! I had to try a journal like the one she demonstrated.

Here's the first page I completed:

And I'll have another one for you shortly.  We've figured out some of our technical difficulties so I think I'll be able to post on a fairly regular basis again!  YAY!  (Of course, I'm still crap at photo editing, so if you see big areas of white space that shouldn't be there, just squint and pretend, k? Thanks.)

Love Shelley!

PS: That is not a quote, I actually made it up myself.  It's about a cat we don't have.


  1. I love your page! I watched a few of the videos. Everyone seems to be having such a great time; I'm going to have to join in.

  2. A cat you don't have but you want? Great page. You are doing quite well with this style. I have trouble letting loose so my pages like this don't quite sing.

  3. LOVE your Teesha inspired pages!! The lettering is fantastic! Thbalance is just perfect on the page.

  4. so fun! your pages are turning out beautifully. you're a natural.

  5. OK, this is what I was doing late last night. I watched all the teesha videos after you mentioned her on that leaf lift. I'm getting sucked in!!!!!


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