Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking a break from the "cute"

Mike had to attend a funeral today so I put together a nice sympathy card for him. It might not be super-fancy and loaded with 'bling' but I think it turned out well. The warm colours make it look kind of soothing, I think. And it actually looks a lot warmer in person than it does in my pics - I took these shots at 6 this morning, which is not the ideal time to get great colour.

Anyway, here's the inside. I LOVE this sympathy stamp - it's quite large and makes a nice substantial impression.

I added my own handwritten note with our own condolences for the widow...

and then Mike forgot the card at home. Booo.

Okay. Back to cute stuff!

Love Shelley


  1. This is so perfect and beautiful. And it's so hard to find sympathy cards that aren't overly...gilty and flowery.

  2. Beautiful card - I would love to receive it should I ever need one.

  3. Such an exquisite card! You can make any image look beautiful, but this one really is divine!

  4. It's a super card. Can't you mail it? So often after the funeral everything stops for the family. It's good to get a note from someone a while after.



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