Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aaaaaand, back to cards.

My sister Kristy came over last night to watch the finale of Canada's Next Top Model. After our mutual horrification at the "blonds" she-man designer in the tight pink dress, a commercial came on and she asked me what was new. So I told her that I made a card, and since we were already all jacked up about the guy and how he was standing with his legs firmly crossed to keep his "tuck" intact, she immediately started to make fun of me for only making ONE card yesterday. "Ohhh, you're right, you should start slow," she said, nodding exaggeratedly at me with wide eyes like I just got off the short bus and also might be a tiny bit scaring her.

You should know that Kristy is not into cards. Or crafts. Or, you know, being polite. So I flared my nostrils at her, growled and maybe also smacked her once in the side of the head. Anyway, after we wiped the tears of sisterly laughter from our eyes, I showed her the card.

AH! Suddenly she's a little more respectful! I smacked her again anyway.

Just kidding! I should have, though, that would have been funny. So I also tried to get a clear picture of the inside but that IS a lot to ask. Here's a fuzzy version.

Since it turned out so amazing, (if I do say so myself,) I made a second one before I forgot how I did it. So yeah, TWO cards in one day.

Suck it, Kristy.

Love Shelley!


  1. Wow! That card is beautiful! You have to tell me what you are coloring with ... watercolor pencils? copic markers? what??? inquiring minds want to know! It's a GORGEOUS card!

  2. Hey chickie! I just used watercolour pencils, my weapon of choice. Thanks for commenting! xoxo Shelley


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