Thursday, July 16, 2009

I should seriously be forging expensive paintings

Because look how good I am at copying stuff!!

Yep, I found this card on Paula's amazing blog and I really don't think it needed anything else - it was absolutely perfect. So once I got my act together (yes, that is the part that takes the longest around here) I finally finished a batch of these little babies.

What do you think of that new Basic Grey Lemonade paper? I KNOW!! I can barely keep myself from licking it. Uh, but if you were thinking of buying a card from me, don't worry - I was able to contain myself.

I even did a simple bit of decorating inside. No sentiment, because really? Little Henry (yeah, that's his name!) could be celebrating anything, right? It's up to you to write whatever you want inside.

That's all for today - I have to go shoo the kids outside to bring the slop pails to the pigs next door. YEP - in addition to actually finishing a card, I also cleaned out my fridge. I KNOW! Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Next up: a wedding card. Stay tuned...

Love Shelley!

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  1. Henry is adorable! Absolutely adorable! LOVE IT!


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