Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In over my head... again.

So a couple (few?) weeks ago I saw a really cool hand-made book online.  I THOUGHT I had pinned it, but do you think I can find it?  Noooooo.  I decided to try to make one myself anyway.

It involves a cardboard box, preferably short and stocky, and an x-acto knife, to start with.

Then about a bazillion pieces of salvaged/recycled/vintage/cool paper to make the signatures.  That part only took oh, about FOURTEEN HOURS.  Then stitching in the signatures, which had me saying a few bad words, while I stabbed my fingers repeatedly.  Don't worry though - I also infused this book with LOVE, not just blood.*

The result is this.  THE chunkiest little book I've ever made.  It's 4 ¾" wide, 5 ¾" high, and 3 ¾" deep.  THREE AND THREE-QUARTER INCHES.  I'm pretty sure that's even bigger than a box of Pop-Tarts.  (Yum, Pop-Tarts...)

Hardly ANY goofs with the binding (that couldn't be covered up with the vintage ribbon).

The front and back cover are both collaged with used postage stamps from various sources**.

The inside is stuffed with over 400 pages (that's over 800 writing/drawing/arting surfaces!) of dictionary pages, illustrations, maps, music, weather reports, ledger papers, things in different languages (including Braille), and all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff.  You'd be surprised how much of your stash you have to use up to create this size of a book.  I'm almost ready to start collecting again!***

Here it is open, in all its glory.  Ready for someone to fill it with memories, writing, doodles, receipts, lists, all kinds of bits and pieces of fun.  It won't be me though.  I love this book but I'm setting it free into the world, on account of it doesn't fit in my pocket and therefore is Not The Book For Me.  I put it into my etsy shop this afternoon.

*Don't worry, there's no actual blood in the book.  So no buying it to do spells.

**Most of which are completely legit, and none of which included this stamp that arrived on today's mail.

***BAHAHAHAHA as if I ever stopped.


  1. oh you temptress you!!
    one more thing i would LOVE to add to my pile of treasures that I hope to spend time with someday!! lol

  2. When I say I want this book to go to a good home, I mean someone EXACTLY LIKE YOU. (Maybe even you.) ❤️

  3. WOW -- just saw your book on pinterest -- love it! Love the postage stamps on the cover (being a mail artist). Very COOL.

    1. Thank you so much! I've been saving up little boxes in hopes of making some more. : )


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