Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Because I sure miss making stuff to post here.  Lately there hasn't been too much creative stuff going on, but today I stole some time from the "should-do" conscience-type stuff and did a page in my art journal.

I started with this handsome fella.  My daughter is completely grossed out and wouldn't come near me the whole time I was working on this page, so now I'm going to make a photocopy of him and put it on a popsicle stick and hold it up when I want to be left alone.

Collage, spray inks, some tape, Inktense pencils and some Sharpie paint pens...

Then a regular brush marker, more Sharpie, and some Warm White gouache...

But then it was too light, so I went back and added some more colour with the Inktense pencils again.  Oh, and a shirt.  Dude was looking a little freaky just hanging there in the middle of the page.

Totally thought about stopping right here and letting the rest go unsaid.  Nice clean areas on the page, could possibly come back later and add to it... but no.

Why stop when you can give him a Where's Waldo t-shirt and then wildly overshare with the internet?

Anyway, the next page is already planned out and it's pretty much a response to this page.  Yes, I know.  That's dumb.  How does one respond to oneself?  Well, stay tuned and you'll see.

Until then...

Love Shelley!


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