Monday, September 23, 2013

Friday's outgoing mail

Still slightly lame, but getting marginally better:

I especially like the 7cent Pierre Laporte stamp, because it's got a ton of texture on it.  I don't know if it was letterpressed or what, but it is AWESOME.  Now the stamps are smooth and plasticky, and just not as official-feeling.  Anyway, it's gone now, but at least I still have the memory of it.  (deep, nostalgic, nerdy sigh).

And this one is just a sneak peek, because otherwise it will ruin the fun for the lovely lady who's going to be receiving this in the next week or two.  Once she gets it, I'll let you see the rest.  Deal?

I didn't make as much mail this weekend as I would have liked.  Instead I kept busy making salsa and tomato soup and getting a bunch of canning done.  I was going to make pickled beets too, but thankfully SADLY the beets are tiny this year and so it wouldn't be worthwhile to go to all that trouble.  I'm still looking into canning pumpkin for holiday pies, though.

Tomorrow I might have something a bit more entertaining for you, if you don't offend easily.  If you do... maybe skip a day.  I'll be back with good clean fun later in the week.

And now... back to work!

Love Shelley!

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