Friday, October 12, 2012

These are the people in your neighbourhood

So last night I dropped my kids off at the middle school for a safety and first aid training program, and then went for a little drive around town to find something to draw.  There are lots of beautiful new homes in the area that I would love to sketch but I thought it might look a little creepy to sit outside someone's house and stare at it for an hour.  I ended up picking a quiet spot in the hotel parking lot and I found a car to draw.

Working on my lap with the steering wheel partly in the way probably didn't help any, but I persevered.  (Heroically.)

But then it got cold and dark so I packed it in.  (Not as heroically.)  I probably could have put another half hour into it and made it better, but it was just for practice. But blah blah blah.  Want to see it?

I picked up the kids and went home.  Then this morning I was flipping through the workbook they used last night and saw this:

Question: List another danger that you might find around your home or in your neighbourhood in the winter.

His answer: Avalanche.

AVALANCHE.  In THIS neighbourhood.  (sigh)  I guess he won't be getting into the gifted program after all.


Ahhh, I gotta go.  Keep your feet on the ground!

Love Shelley

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  1. the drawing was very good even with the steering wheel in the way. Now he could be right with global warming these days you never know, the gifted program could be his


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