Thursday, September 6, 2012

The same thing we do EVERY day, Pinky.

My plan for today, and every day:

This is one of the fold-out pages I have in my art journal.  I love the extra bits and pieces I've stuck in there - envelopes, fold-outs, tabs... all kinds of things that make it more interesting than just flipping pages.  This half-page is 4"x12".  This size was REALLY fun to work with.  I might add more things this size!

Here's a close-up of the top part:

I had originally sprayed some stencils for the background, and I liked the brightness but wanted to do something else with it.  I drew the tree-thing with a charcoal pencil and smudged and set it with matte medium.  Then I painted gesso on everything that WASN'T the tree-thing.  The colour underneath came through even though I slapped on two coats, and I really like the messy effect it created.  You can tell something is hidden underneath but it's not clear exactly what it is.

My motto for the day and possible tattoo idea: carpe diem.  I like to keep things interesting, try new things, have lots of good stories to tell.  The bottom half of the page was covered with a piece from a bag of chicken feed, which is where those cool scallops on the edge came from.  I LOVE the texture that it added to the page.

The tag on the bottom of the page is from Elle's Studio, by way of a local scrapbook store.  There were 12 in the package and I LOVE them.  The white lines are made with correction tape, and the "Wednesday" tab is from a sheet of stickers from the 9to5 line from October Afternoon.  I don't scrapbook but I sure love me some scrapbook supplies.  All those paper treats... be still my heart!  The rest is just the usual junk I have lying around... paint, pens, stamps, ink, and trash-to-treasure stuff.

So are you going to carpe some diem too?  C'mon, let's go kick some ass!!

Love Shelley!


  1. love love the journal page, i dont scrapbook either, but my heart beats fast, around all the paper and supplies, I am a supply nut

  2. Pinky and the brain, pinky and the is a genius, the other Insane.....nice page, but really? Now I will be singing that song all night!


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