Monday, September 10, 2012

A colourful bit of nothing

I loved this background but as it turned out, I didn't have much to say on Friday.  I did play hooky and go see the new Bourne movie with my sister-in-law, but other than fuelling some new Jeremy Renner daydreams, it wasn't ... well, it wasn't a very adventurous week at all.  I was disappointed that I didn't have more to say, but that just makes me want to do something a lot more daredevilish this week.  So it's great for motivation, but not so hot for art.

I may come back at a later date and re-do this page.  I don't want to let this background go to waste, but for now, it's just a reminder to get off my duff and get out there and make some shit happen.

I'll report in; stay tuned.

Love Shelley!


  1. like the dot pattern. my birthday is in a couple days. Feel free to be inspired ;)

    1. what the heck are you gonna be doing in happy rock?


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