Sunday, May 6, 2012

Go hard or go home

Hi guys!

Yesterday we did a bunch of yard work, cutting off all the wayward branches and shoots off of the trees around the property.  Now when I cut the grass on the riding mower, I won't have as much trouble as I did last year, with tree branches swiping my hat off my head and my earbuds out of my ears... it was getting downright annoying.  It almost felt like the trees were bullying me.  I'm a delicate flower, you know.

ANYway, I often wear whatever work gloves are lying around, but none of them fit well.  They're always too big and fall off and just generally aggravate me.  So yesterday I finally got a pair in my size!

Then I customized them, because, well why not??

What do you think?  (Of the gloves, not the photography work - my 7-year-old snapped this shot for me.)


I was originally going to go with THUG LIFE, just for my own amusement... but the kids immediately got in on the game and got into the sharpies for their own work gloves, and I figure the neighbours have enough to talk about.

Hope you had a great weekend too,

Love Shelley!

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