Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another sneak preview!

So the zine is almost finished.  I'm just working on the front and back covers and then I get to work on assembling it into a form that people can actually read - not just the loose papers that I have now.

Check out these two pages:

I really have these chickens on my mind right now because THEY'RE COMING ON FRIDAY.  And I am not at all ready!!!  Do you think they'll mind if I keep them in a deck box until we figure out something for a chicken coop?  Hopefully they won't be picky guests...

One of the reasons I had so much fun making this book was because I actually dug deep into my stash of vintage treasures, and used a lot of the one-of-a-kind things I've been hoarding.  It was easy to use them, because I knew I would be printing copies and therefore they aren't "wasted" because lots of people will be able to see them.  That probably sounds neurotic and weird, but that's the way my mind works.  When I find special things I always want to wait for JUST THE RIGHT PROJECT to use them on, so that they won't be hidden away for perpetuity.  Happily, this felt like the right project!

There are all kinds of goodies in here:
 - tabs from a 1957 dictionary
 - pieces from a 1960 weather report
 - a newspaper clipping that I have been carrying around (no joke) for 13 years
 - a CN Rail switch list from an antique shop that I always look at but never use
 - a page from a 1930s copy of David Copperfield
 - bits from an old envelope (1950s?) that used to have a life insurance policy inside
 - a page from a 1960s first aid manual

This didn't even put a dent in my stash, but I think there will be a second issue of this zine (I already have a few ideas) so I'll just go on faith here and keep on making pages.

I also drew quite a few illustrations in this thing.  They went so easily (most of them) that it just felt like it was meant to be.  Do you ever find that?  I guess I was in the zone... it was a great feeling.  If you do any kind of creative thing, you will agree that it doesn't always work that way, and it's a huge treat when it does.  Best feeling in the world!!

Okay, gotta jet.  Lots to do today!


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  1. waiting for the zine, looks like its going to be great, some days it goes great, some days it all goes in the trash


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