Sunday, February 5, 2012

More life drawing! (No boobies this time.)

I went to a second round of life-drawing last week.  This model was completely different than the last woman we drew.  Totally self-assured, all lean angles where the last model was all soft curves, and completely fascinating to draw.  She did so many great poses, it was impossible to keep up.

This is one of my favourites from that evening:

It was during the short poses (I think this one was maybe 5 minutes?) so I didn't get a chance to get a lot of detail in there, but sometimes those are the ones I end up liking the best.

Also they play great music, and you end up just zoning out and ironically not even really hearing the music, and shifting totally into right brain mode.  Probably part of their diabolical plan to make us better artists!  I think this time they played Andrea Bocelli.

At one point the model was sitting with her legs right out in front of her.  Instead of drawing her whole body I just focused on her feet:

And the missing part at the bottom right was because the timer went off and she had to change her pose.

I hope these pics aren't too boring - they're not my usual colourful style.  I'll go back to that tomorrow; pinky swear!  Thanks for sticking around in the meantime.

Love Shelley!


  1. Im not gonna lie, I like the boobies better! LOL!! very cool regardless!!

  2. you did a great job, i wish i had the nerve to go to a life drawing class


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