Saturday, February 4, 2012

I wish, I wish...

I figure the only way I'm going to get any better at drawing is if I just... keep on drawing.  So last night I was sitting at the kitchen table thinking about stuff (I know, very deep, shut up) and I was doodling, and I decided to draw the vehicle that I hope comes my way.  I'm driving a semi-reliable minivan right now, but I know that it won't last forever.  Especially if herds of deer keep leaping at me out of the fog on dark nights.  What IS it with those dumb animals??

Anyway, this is what I HOPE my next set of wheels will be:

Nothing wrong with putting it out there, right?

I didn't do anything fancy ... just drew it with a ballpoint pen (while looking at a picture that I googled, of course, my imagination is just not THAT good!) and then used watercolour and an Inktense pencil to add some colour to it.

And I have to admit, halfway through drawing it I got bored with the whole thing and was tempted to quit just in case you were all, "ooh, that must have taken a long time to draw" YES, YES IT DID.

I guess I should have drawn myself behind the wheel.  THAT would be "putting it out there."  Maybe I'll cut out a little picture of my head and paste it in.  Then I'll make a little stop-motion movie of me driving - ahhh, no I won't.  That would take too long, and I would get bored halfway through.  I guess I'll just have to face it, I have the attention span of a flea.  Feel free to imagine the movie though.  I just did.

Love Shelley!

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  1. love the drawing and color of the jeep, hoping only good karma comes you way and you get the jeep


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