Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oops, I did it again.

Last week we spent a few days in Edmonton and visited the West Edmonton Mall.  There's lots there to do and our fun didn't depend on the weather.  We did lots of cool stuff, including a quick 18 holes at the mini golf course.  I fell in love with the scenery - someone did an amazing job of designing all this whimsical scenery, so I took a bunch of pictures and later drew this... marker with pencil while the kids were swimming.  I tried something new (I had very limited supplies with me but that only seems to make me more creative!)  I used a red Inktense pencil to do the shading on the drawing before I added any water-colour to the drawing.

As I was doing it I wondered why I don't do this more often.  It makes sense, because once the Inktense is dry it's waterproof and won't move around.  Then I added the yellow and really liked it.

So around the marker, I added a very pale wash of blues and greens, thinking I would add some text later on.  Now it's a week later and I really wanted to finish it tonight.  That light wash seemed way TOO light, so I started adding darker watercolour with abandon.  Then I discovered that the word "MINI" was actually done in a water-soluble pen, although I can't for the life of me remember what I used.  A fine liner?  Must be.  Anyway, it smeared all over the place, so I added more dark blue and purple to even it out.  In for a penny, right?

Now, even with the white outlines, I know I overdid it.  Again.  When will I learn?  

At any rate, it was an interesting game.  My 7 year old son took WAY more than the 1 mulligan per hole we agreed on, and somehow still "won".  My husband, meanwhile, kept giving me suspicious looks when I got par or lower on a hole, and now I'm pretty sure he thinks that I'm secretly golfing when he's not around.  I guess it's not the worst thing I could be doing behind his back - wait till he sees me bowl!!

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  1. I think that the black and white block writing on that richly coloured dark background looks fantastic - doesn't look overdone to me at all

    and yes, referring back to your comment on my blog yesterday, Winnipeg is on my list, just need to win the lottery first as last time we came out to Canada (and ticked off Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary) it near bankrupted me :)


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