Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goodbye, comfort zone. (**CAUTION: BOOBIE DRAWINGS IN THIS POST**)

Well so far January has been pretty exciting!

In the last week I've stepped well outside of my comfort zone.   First, I did this:

This is the Mindbender, the awe-inspiring roller coaster at West Edmonton Mall.  It's 14 stories high, and is the largest triple-loop roller coaster in the world.  I told myself 14 stories is no big deal, after all, I rappelled down the front of a 17-story building last summer.  Well, the Mindbender makes the DropZone event look like an afternoon in a hammock.  It only lasts a few minutes but it's still pretty (terrifyingly) memorable.  Also?  Turns out I scream like a little girl on fast rides.  I did not know that about myself.


Then, I did something I've been talking about for the last 6 months.  I went to a life-drawing evening.  This is way out of my comfort zone because a) naked people and b) I've never gone to anything like this before.  It's not a class; so there is no leader as such.  It's just a person (NAKED) that we all gather round and draw.

Well it turned out to be a really nice evening.  It was my first time sketching; it was the model's first time modelling.  In my head I imagined that the model would be silent and aloof and very separate from the people drawing her; but she turned out to be really friendly and cheerful and came around at all the breaks to visit and see what everyone's work looked like.  It was a very low-key, casual, and thoroughly enjoyable evening.  She started off with 1 and 2 minute poses:

Then moved on to 3 and 5 minutes:

And then 10, 20, and finally a single 40 minute pose at the end.

If you're looking at the pictures and laughing at some of the details, don't worry, I laughed too.  But they're pretty strict with the timer - when it goes off, she strikes a totally different pose.  So I got interrupted a couple of times.  I'll learn to judge my time better and not give her half a head of hair or only one thumb next time.   Also my only goal for the evening was to be able to look at my sketches and recognize that it was a human being.  So I'm happy with my progress so far!

Now... what will I do this week to keep up this fabulous momentum?

Stay tuned...

Love Shelley!



  1. ooooh, West Ed Mall - I went there a couple of times with my then 5 year old when we were lucky enough to visit Canada some years back. he still talks about "the AMAZING mall" now :)

    Your final life drawing is fantastic!

  2. I wish I could circle the ones I LOVE... but let me try to explain...the first one (where it's just her hips, partial legs & mid drift/bellybutton) I ADORE GREATLY... I would turn into a HUGE outline drawing and make into a mural or something... well maybe not a huge mural... but something... and then on the second drawing where its her backside is GORGEOUS, so FEMININE, and then on the third one, the top where the model is laying, that one has great perspective- very good start... but the first two are my FAVOURITE, & I think they are perfect AS IS... glad you had a timer and had to stop! Good on you mate! SO COOL!


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