Monday, February 8, 2010

I hate Valentine's Day.

But I really love making valentines!

I know, that's weird.

This is actually a postcard.  I made it by layering a bunch of 4x6" pieces of newspaper together, giving each sheet a good coating with a glue stick, and using a brayer to get it nice and smooth.  Then once it was done, I think with 8 or 9 layers, nice and thick, I put it under a heavy book overnight so it would end up nice and flat.  Of course once I threw cheap craft paints at it, it did curl slightly.  That's okay though - I really wasn't going for the perfect look here.  The edges are raggedy and the paint is splotchy and the lines aren't even, and I KINDA LIKE IT.

Now.  Who shall I send it to??

Love Shelley!

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  1. count me in on the weird, because i struggle with valentines day, too. but, you're definitely one step ahead of me because you've already created this super cute card!! that's a great idea using newspaper as your base!! :))


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