Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here's a sneak preview of a few things that will be going out in the 9am mail tomorrow.  Only one is staying in Canada, and that's the valentine.  The rest are headed south.... where it's a little warmer and sunnier.  Ohhhh, how I wish I was going along for the ride.  Maybe if I slap a red label on my forehead and smile really friendly?  I've seen it work in cartoons...

Fine.  I'll stay here, spreading joy and cheer by telling people it's "almost Friday."  They love that.  Heh heh heh.  OR!  Maybe instead I should start saying, "three more days till the next Lotto Max draw, and it's up to THIRTY MILLION!"  and then give them an enthusiastic two thumbs up.  What, it's better than squawking about the weather, right? 

Love Shelley!

* That was for Kristy.  She wanted me to yell it out the next time Mike asked me to do something but he's been disappointingly agreeable all evening.  Geez.  Men.

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  1. those envelopes with No all over them are soooooo intriguing! and i love your valentine. eat chocolate today!


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