Friday, June 19, 2009


I got a few of these Rachelle Anne Miller stamps and this was my first chance to use one of them. They are all completely adorable, and really, the only reason I chose this one to play with first was because I needed a Father's Day card to a daddy from his one-year-old. That kind of event definitely calls for something cute. You'll be seeing the other ones soon, they're pretty hard to resist! Check it out:

I layered two kinds of ribbon together, and then I also used two buttons. The bottom one is so thick that the top one just sort of sits inside it - it looks pretty cool like that! I wouldn't do this fat of a card if I had to mail it but I happen to know that this one will be hand-delivered so fat is okay in this case.

I used ribbon instead of paper to jazz up the inside of the card this time:

And that's all for now. As usual I have at least 25 ideas perking in my head, but I have to go to my day job now, since cranking out one card in a day doesn't exactly pay the hydro bill. HA! Anyway, I'll be back soon with more fun things to show off.

Enjoy your Friday!
Love Shelley

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  1. Hello Shelley I love this darling card, and I'm sure your hubby will too!!! I found your blog when reading Suzan's latest post....happy to have found you again!!!


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