Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where IS that girl?

One of the things I worked on this week was this book of lists for a swap I was involved in. Don't you love that cover paper?

I started off with two of these daytimer booklets that I had lying around. I took them apart and threw away the covers first. And before you get all, "Oh-emm-gee, she knows BOOKBINDING!" um, no. Not really. I just folded and stapled the new cover onto the two sets of book innards, see? The paper is simply double-sided cardstock.

I put a strip of black cardstock along the spine to hide the messy staples and to make the whole thing look a little more finished, and voila! Fancy shmancy.

A prompt on each page, with random stamped images throughout, and a little love on the cover, and it's done. It only took a few hours (mostly for the prompts, not the cover treatment) and I'm happy to put my name on the back. Wow, do I love that paper. I'll have to find something cool to use the scraps on!

Next up: I'll show you what I've been doing with that art journal I've been working on. In the meantime, I have to make some CARDS! And then I'll show you those too, pinky swear.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love Shelley!

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  1. I have got that paper that you used on the cover!! Isn't it SO gorgeous!! I just used it for as background on a little journal page with the theme "sakura" or blossom. It was perfect!


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