Thursday, March 12, 2009

Want to see what I've been up to?

It probably seems like I haven't been doing anything, but in fact I was working on a giant batch of cards. These are 24 masculine birthday cards for an order. I still have more to do but it will be nice to get this batch out the door!

Here are a couple of closer-ups:

All of the leaves are actually stickers. I put them down on watercolour paper and then filled them in with watercolour pencils; and in some cases some ink right out of the lid of the ink pad.

These are for mens' birthdays so I didn't want anything cutesy or even remotely girly. In fact, if I know anything about guys at all, they probably won't even notice that they are receiving handmade cards. : )

I think this colour scheme is my favourite - it still starts off with a blue card, but then all the other colours are warmer. Then again, fall is my favourite season, so maybe that's why these appeal to me.
I have a couple more big orders to fill (meaning repetition and not too much to show) but after that I have some very interesting things planned. Stay tuned!!


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