Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things are coming together!

I made an even dozen of these little babies today and yep, that's real sewing on there. That's a first for me, mainly because I don't own a sewing machine. (Thanks for letting me borrow yours, Mom!) I'm not an experienced seamstress, which is why my stems are a little more "leaning drunkenly" than "gracefully waving in the breeze". HA!

I've noticed that I've been using a lot of pink on my cards lately and I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that my craft room is now in Joelle's old bedroom. See the Cinderella Pink paint behind that card? Yeah. The whole room is done in that awesome pepto-bismol colour. I've heard that the colour of your surroundings does have some influence on what kind of colours you end up putting into your work.
OR maybe it's just part of the cycle, and next week I'll be all into orange! Or red, or green, or purple. Well, no, probably not purple. Bleah.
One thing's for sure: the more cards I make, the more cards I want to make!
Later gaters,
Love Shelley


  1. OOOOOOOO PRETTY!!! I've been scrolling down and this is my favorite so far.

    I also love the color of the room, which is the color I MEANT to paint my daughter's room, but instead I erred on the side of light (I'd heard that the color would look a lot darker/brighter on the walls) and ended up with Too Light. It's BARELY pink.

  2. It's called Pretty in Pink, from the Princess line of Behr paints from Home Depot. It's... really, REALLY pink. Of course she loved it, so I guess mission accomplished!


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