Thursday, March 5, 2015

So you like the wee books.

I am a crappy blogger.

I tell you guys I'm going to be back and show you stuff after it's done, then I either finish it and forget all about it, or get all dazzled by a new idea and never finish the initial project in the first place.

I go weeks or months between posts.

I make stuff then forget to show you.

I haven't updated my profile or links or anything in for-ev-er.

BUT.  I did a Real Blogger move a few weeks ago and looked at my stats, and I realized that the only two posts that have had over 100 views are the one with the tag "Satan's Testicles" (you guys are weird) and the one with this little book I made.

And that made me realize that one of YOUR favourite things was also one of MY favourite things.  So I made another one.

This one's a bit smaller - 3 ½" x 3 ⅝" x 2 ½" thick.  You know what it's perfect for?  Instagram photos.  Or Instax photos.  Or just using as a junk journal.  Or... something even more creative that I haven't even thought of yet.  It has over 750 pages.  Which is insane, but in a good way.

And, remember how yesterday I showed you my craft room, or at least some parts of it?  Well, I managed to gather up 4 big bags/bins of material for making these little books.  (Formerly spread all over the place.)  So you haven't seen the last of them.

Want one?  Go see it in my etsy shop.  And I'll let you know when I make the next one.  I PROMISE.  No really, this time it's for real.  Pinky swear.  Oh fine, I know you won't believe it until you see it.  Fair enough.

Until then!


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