Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy colours

WOW, it's summer already!!  I've been trying to keep making art but things like this are taking away some of my attention:

We have two dozen chickens that are almost six weeks old.  It's not that they're high-maintenance, just that they're rather hypnotizing.  They're pretty friendly, for chickens, and they have big personalities.  The kids and I have been spending more time than we need to with them, just watching their behaviour and how much they're enjoying their new coop.  We should be collecting fresh eggs within a couple of months!

I've worked on a few journal pages here and there.  Yesterday I brought a bag of fun stuff to my parents' and worked on a couple of pages while we all visited together.  The ones that I'm showing you here are started but definitely need some more work.  But so far they're working out so I thought I would share them, to let you know that I'm still alive and still making art! 

I'll tell you more about these pages as they develop.  In the meantime I hope you're all making stuff too. I'm going to see what other trouble I can get into this week - don't worry, I'll report back!

Love Shelley!

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