Monday, July 4, 2011

All Serious and Stuff

Okay, first of all that first page says "worth less" not "worthless".  I was having some pretty intense feelings when I was working on that page, of, well, being worth less.  Not as important, not as worthy, not as accomplished, not as interesting, not as attractive - I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever felt that way.  It's a self-portrait, but to make myself feel better I made my nose smaller.  HAHAHAAAA!!  Also my eyebrows aren't really that scary, I just got carried away when I was drawing them in.  The miserable look was real that day though.  (Don't worry about me, this was very temporary.  Working it out in my journal really helped.)

The second page - well I love the badass quote, and to be honest, this is how I feel 90% of the time.  My heart is guarded, my feelings are well-protected, and most people can't see past that to the vulnerable person inside.  Which is just the way I like it.  It keeps me from having too many of those "worth less" days.  Don't tell anyone, ok?  I'm trusting you.

Love Shelley


  1. have i ever told you how much i appreciate your authenticity?!! and would this be a good time to mention how fabulous your artwork is......and how much i admire your ability to express what you're feeling?!! just thought i'd let you know all that.....oh, and i really would LOVE to have an art pow-wow with you someday.....and maybe some lunch to go with it (mind if we eat dessert first?)......xoxo

  2. Ok, so it must be the moon, or something... I hear yah LOUD & CLEAR! And may I just say that the big eyed beauty on the second page, although sad, looks way more like you than the top... LOVE the drawing & quote!!
    miss you!! H

  3. Oh my GOSH someone not pretending all is perfect!!! I just LOVE you!!!!


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