Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last week I had to attend a meeting for Cameron's soccer team, and since I work in the city and the meeting was in the city, I decided to stay in the city rather than driving home and back in again.  So during the downtime, I treated myself to a burger at A&W... this isn't the actual burger though.  It didn't last long enough to pose for a portrait.  HA!  No, I was way too hungry for that.  While I ate, though, I drew the burger off of the coupons they gave me.  I just used a red verithin Prisma pencil crayon that I found in my desk at work.  Originally I was planning on going over it afterwards with a Sharpie and colouring it in with watercolours, but then I decided to leave well enough alone.

Although.... if I would have painted it, then it would probably be easier to tell what each layer is. 

Bon appetit!
Love Shelley


  1. I totally drew & painted the exact same burger back in high school!!! It was so weird when I saw this... I was like "Hey I drew that"...and then I realized, no I didn't draw THIS pic, but drew from the same image... just goes to show how long "they" use their photos!! NICE!

  2. Love it! Use every opportunity, every object, any writing implement and it doesn't have to be perfect or even "finished". That's what true art, a true artist and life is really like! Thanks for sharing!
    Marianne :)


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