Friday, March 4, 2011

Nature Lover

This plant has a lot in common with Fred Penner's cat.  I wonder if I gave it to a man going up in a balloon, if he would take it up to the man in the moon...?

I guess it would be more humane than "loading up my shotgun with nails and dynamite."  Right?

Love Shelley!


  1. awesome art...looks like a good'ol "mother in-laws tongue"

  2. oh wow... to be honest, I'm loving the plant!!!! :D
    Send it to me? I promise to take good care of it. :D

  3. I had such a lovely visit here tonight. Your work is so full of life and color and so beautifully created. I would love to see it all in a Zine! This plant, I remember having to draw one like it in school and learning that it was called "Mother-in-law's tongue" which struck me funny, not cuz I knew what that implied at the time, but it just seemed funny. Of course, now that I'm older, I really appreciate the humor in such a name - sharp and pointed tongue. So, when you send the plant to the moon, maybe send it with some Mother-in-laws too!

    Hope spring is blossoming with joy around you!

  4. Believe it or not, it has a nickname I think you're going to appreciate, but which isn't nice: "Mother-in-law's Tongue."
    Awful, isn't it?
    I actually kinda like the plant itself, tho. I'd take it off your hands if I could. Got just the right spot. ;)


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