Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little Rusty But Still In The Game

Hi you guys!


So you may have noticed, I completely lost my mojo for a while there.  Thankfully, (and I mean, I am REALLY grateful) it's coming back... at first just a trickle, but now I seem to back to my standard "barrage of ideas, not enough time to execute them because my pesky kids keep wanting supper.  EVERY NIGHT."

At any rate, I knew I was getting back in the groove when I started looking at used envelopes at work with lust in my eye.  Suddenly, throwing out all those vast expanses of pristine, beautiful kraft paper seemed so WASTEFUL!  NO!  It must not be allowed to happen!  I could MAKE something with that!  My nostrils may have flared.

Of course, I'm limited at work, both in time and materials, but I tore up one big envelope and folded it into this accordion to glue into my journal.  The winter tent photo I found in a trade magazine at work, and since the colours were totally irresistible, I ripped it out to add to my inspiration file.  Yes, I'm a big garbage picker, don't judge.

Once I got home, I glued the photo onto the envelope and set out to see if I could duplicate it with pencil crayons.  I find that trying to copy something is always a good learning experience.  Not just for my future career in counterfeiting or forgery if I ever get bored of the financial services sector... but also because once I figure out HOW something is done, then I can go ahead and adapt it to my own style.  You know, once I figure out exactly what "my own style" is. 

Then on the back, I went back to my other true love: making lists.  (Wait, maybe THAT'S my style...?)

Nothing soothes the soul like a good numbered list.  Plus it's nice to get all that clutter out of my head and down on paper.  Now my head is completely empty, save for the sound of the wind whistling through.

I wish.

No, my head is full of a new jumble of to-dos, thoughts, plans, worries and ideas.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love Shelley!

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  1. I came here by way of artsyville, because I love your goal to do more epic shit in 2011. :-) And I really dig your accordion list and journal pages on this blog!


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