Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So let's just keep this between us, okay?

So I know this is kind of personal, and she'd probably be PISSED if she knew I was sharing this, but my 8-year-old daughter has more than her share of irrational fears, and they traditionally bother her the most at bedtime.  I really try to be patient with her and reassure her that a lot of what she's scared of, could not possibly happen, or, if a particular fear IS semi-realistic, we work through the worst-case scenarios together and try to bring some reason to the situation.  But for a while there, things were getting kind of ridiculous:

"I'm scared that woodticks will get into the house and try to get me."
"I'm scared that a bear will come and break my window and get into my room."
"I'm scared that lightning will hit our house"  (this on a perfectly clear night)

One thing I'll say for her, she has an AMAZING imagination.  Anyway, one night after she finally went to sleep at 10:45pm, my own imagination got sparked up, probably because she was coming up with something new and different every single night for a while there.

I don't know, I think he's kind of cute!  I know you can't tell but his teeth and eyes are all shiny because I used a Glaze pen on them.  I'm especially proud of his nostrils and tail. 

Yeah, I know, now I'M being ridiculous.  SOMETIMES IT'S A COPING MECHANISM, OKAY? 

: )

Love Shelley!


  1. Joe looks adorable and harmless so at least he won't add any anxiety. Your daughter probably won't be a huge risk taker which should save you some anxiety - no extreme sports and hopefully well thought out decisions.

  2. heeheehee.....i LOVE joe!!! and he looks like he could give those woodticks a run for their money!! too cute!!!! xox, :))


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