Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why yes, I HAVE been busy this weekend.

Lately I've been using up a lot of discarded paper goodies that were destined for the garbage can at work.  They make GREAT mail art!!  This time, however, I got my trash art supplies from other sources.  When I see promising bits and pieces, my eyes light up and my pulse speeds up and it's as if I had just seen a big plate of hot gooey cinnamon buns, not some junk paper.  But hey, whatever rings your bell, right?  

I have a few penpals that I just love writing to (and receiving letters from) and this is a blank booklet that I made up on Friday night.  I've already filled it up and it's going in the mailbox tomorrow morning. 

And if you're planning on making booklets like this, I really recommend picking up one of those loooooooong staplers so you can easily put them together.  I use mine all the time, and I think it was only around twenty-five bucks.  My kids love making their own books too, so it gets a lot of mileage.  

Anyway, here is the envelope that that little booklet ended up in:



(and back).

That one... is sideways.  (I'm saying that in my very best Horatio Crane voice, where he says one line and then they cut to a commercial.)  (THIS is where I should have mentioned the looooooooong stapler!) 

Um.  Where was I?  Oh yeah!  I think I may have overdone it with the spots on the back of the envelope, because it looks a little chicken-poxy, if chicken pox ever showed up in a uniform sort of way.  It's just that I was having so much fun with the ink and I might have gotten a little carried away.

Also, you should know that I didn't intend to end up with this colour scheme again, but I guess I haven't worked it all out of my system yet.  Will there be more?  Yep, probably.  I still really like it.  I just have to remember who I've sent these ones to so that people don't end up getting repeats! 

But no worries, my little chickadees - I still remember how to use colour.  Here are two more envelopes that I worked on today while my kids were out bowling with their Nana.  I think I might send her flowers tomorrow... 

And now, since Blogger is acting so weird and I don't want to lose all this stuff that I just typed up, and plus because it's getting really late, I'm going to wrap this up.  It's time for a bowl of cereal and then bed.  

Goodnight everyone,
Love Shelley!


  1. love the envies!!! i must give this a try. are those brayered (is that a word?) strips?

  2. Nope! The stripes are just three different watercolour crayons over old graph paper. But brayering is a GREAT idea! I might try that next time...

  3. well i think you'll be able to hear the recipients of these masterpieces jumping up and down with glee when these arrive in their mailboxes!!!! they are fabulous.....and one can never have too much chicken pox!! :)))

  4. have so much creativity within you....your mail art is so awesome!!! I'm glad I juicy!

  5. ooh I actually love the colours used in the first envelope and it seems you stuck a lot of layer?

  6. wow!!! your creativity always amazes me ... you girlie are a true "artiste"!! the envelopes are beautiful (love the first one best) - you ROCK!

  7. gorgeous envelopes! i have envie envy! (haha, sorry, bad pun!) found your site via the remains of the day group on flickr. thanks for sharing--love your blog!


  8. those envelopes are incredible!!


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