Monday, January 11, 2010

Next thing you know I'll be tagging train cars.

Hi guys!

Here's some outgoing mail.  I've been admiring graffiti-style writing from afar for a long time now, but this is my first attempt at doing any myself. 

Yeah... um, I really REALLY LOVED MAKING THIS!

Somebody hide the spray paint.

Love Shelley!

PS:  The lettering was done in regular sharpie and white sharpie paint pen. 


  1. This is so amazingly cool! First attempt?! Heck more like a pro~! xoxo

  2. Great job on this!! Can't believe this is your first attempt at graffiti-style, you're already a pro! Especially like the Sharpie ;)

  3. You'll have to create an art journaling tag. You're going to liven up those pages!

  4. oh WOW! now i know who graffitied our school last year ;) teeerific! i love graffiti style too!

  5. this is your FIRST attempt?!! it's absolutely fabulous!
    hide the train cars...... :))

  6. wow! lettering is not my thing. i wouldn't even know where to begin. i'm impressed.

  7. LOVE the graffiti!!! you're making me want to play around with some myself. i also love that it's going out in the mail which just makes the graffiti even more perfect.


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