Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where you get a glimpse of just how dumb I am.

So I was cruising a used book store earlier this week and among other things, I found this little treasure.  There was no dust cover on the book but it did have some really nice debossed letters on the fabric cover.  Not that I can read them; they're in Russian.

Inside the front cover is this inscription: "Purchased at the Montreal World's Fair Oct 10 - 1967 by Albert Pitz."  At least I THINK it says Albert Pitz.  Could be Litz.  Albert didn't have the greatest penmanship.

As I was flipping through, I glanced at all the old black and white photos inside, thinking they would be perfect to make envelopes out of, or use to decorate other works of art.

A riveting game of chess...

Aw!  This guy loves his kitty.


The whole FAMILY loves their kitty!  I haven't seen too many family portraits with the cat included before.  Interesting!

This one reminds me of our sponge hockey team photos.

See?  They just have a bigger roster.


Those other guys seem a little more, um, RESERVED than we ever were.

But I digress.

Here are two gentlemen enjoying a nice visit together.

Hey!  Is that the same guy again?

Huh.  He looks kind of snooty here.


Wow, this guy AGAIN?! 

Mr. Serious Pants

Geez, you'd think this guy thought the whole book was about HIM.

So each photo has a nice descriptive caption underneath; sadly they're all in Russian so I really don't have a clue what's going on in this long book but I'm thinking that worst case scenario I can just cut out the entire text block and use those lovely covers to make a completely different book!

THEN... I flip to the back to see what kind of shape the inside back cover is in, and THIS falls out.



  1. Wow! Wow! is right. I guess it's all about Lenin? That really makes it a pretty historical book and I wonder how many are around.

  2. I didn't recognize him either - not dumb - just a bit ignorant about historical figures.

  3. you are too funny!!! i loved your commentaries....especially the ones about the hockey team!! hee hee :))

  4. you should become a writer!!!! love your writing skills!

  5. so the back was the front, a nice Russian book on Lenin. great find. Love your comments... just goes to show that what we think is so important... with time and perspective is not really that important. Love it.


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