Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Way more fun than a phone bill!


Just a short snapper.  (I love saying that.)  

I've always had pen pals but lately I've been meeting some new and VERY interesting people that are also into the postal arts. 

I do have some cute stationery but I usually prefer making something up on my own.  Lately I've been using things that would normally go in the garbage or recycling bin, making them a little prettier, and giving them a second life by mailing them to unsuspecting suckers people around the world who share my love for sending and receiving interesting mail. 

I whited out the name and address on this one but I'm sure some of you will recognize the Timmy's bag that used to hold a Turkey Bacon Club sandwich.  There is only a letter in there.  I ate the sandwich.

Do you love that green carpet or what?  I took these pics at work with my phone.  So I can honestly say these are unretouched photos!!  Okay, sure, that's not necessarily a good thing.  But at least you get the idea.  One day I'll learn some photography skills and then I'll be unstoppable!

Here's another one that just went out this morning:

And here's the back (because I know you were wondering...)  (Fine, you weren't, but I'm gonna show you anyway.)

Aaaaaand that's all I have to offer for today.  Oh, except for this conversation yesterday when I picked up Cameron from the new daycare.

Her: So Cameron and I played cards together this afternoon when all the other kids were napping.

Me:  Yeah, he loves playing cards.

Her:  He knows how to play RUMMY!!       (side note: he's four.)

Me:  Yeah.... by the way, don't play him for money.  That's a free tip.

Come back soon!  I'm working on a journal page and I'll post it here when I'm done. 

Love Shelley!


  1. i love your mail art.....some lucky person is going to receive something fabulous in their mailbox!! :))

  2. WoHO! I am the one who got that silly squrille(how do you spell that?)in my mailbox!!! It made me wiggle with joy!!! Thanks!!! I still have to write back!!!!

  3. Well, I'm learning every day. Today I got to learn about postal art. I am continually amazed at the talent and imagination that people have. Awesome.

  4. YAY! And I was the lucky recipient of this excellent piece of work! Thanks, again Shelley. My students are seeing it tomorrow as we embark on a 'mail art' project!

  5. You are hilarious! Love your blog and the art too!


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